• June Reading Wrap Up (2022)

    Please be sure to check all TW and CW before reading/purchasing any books mentioned. When Forever Changes - Siobhan Davis: If you want a complete heartbreaker of a novel, please pick this up. Gabby ...

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    June Reading Wrap Up (2022)
  • Notes on Love (Seven Deadly Sinclairs #1)

    "Please try and control yourself around me," she said jokingly.Self-deprecation was yet another language she was fluent in. But I didn't find it amusing."That's the bit I find most difficult," I said, ...

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    Notes on Love (Seven Deadly Sinclairs #1)
  • On choosing to write under another pen name

    When I originally published, I decided early on that I wanted to use a pen name. The decision was an easy one for me. I worked in a lab at the time and was publishing scientific papers and wanted to ...

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    On choosing to write under another pen name
  • Of Gods & Monsters (Elysian Gods #1)

    “I don’t think getting to know me that intimately is part of the job description,” I whispered in her ear, amused by the salacious thoughts. Who’d have guessed the stiff in the lab coat would have ...

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    Of Gods & Monsters (Elysian Gods #1)

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